Food for Thought artwork

Making Tracks: Food for Thought album

In February 2018 a group of young people from Lewisham YOS took part in Making Tracks, formed the band ‘Undecided (At The Lounge)’ and together produced a set of songs written from their own perspectives and life experiences for the album ‘Food for Thought’, available to listen to now:

Young Producers Sesh N Sauce

Young Producers: Sesh N Sauce LIVE!

We’re feeling very proud of our Young Producers Müqzz and Yung Hamlit and all the young people who took to the stage at their ‘Sesh N Sauce’ event in Lewisham last night (postponed last week due to snow). The performances were magnificent – professional, original and entertaining! So much musical talent! It’s so inspiring to see the young people we work with on Making Tracks continue to flourish on Young Producers – and wonderful to have some familiar faces returning to share their new musical ventures with us.