Cover art for New Friends Old Enemies

New Making Tracks release! New Friends Old Enemies

In October 2021 a group of young people from East London took part in Making Tracks, formed a band and together created a set of songs written from their own perspectives and life experiences titled ‘New Friends Old Enemies’, as well as producing their own podcasts ‘Creepy Pasta of London’ and ‘The Life and Times of Charles Stuart’ – an in-depth interview by Radu and Conrad with ITT musician Charles!

This project was run in partnership with The Prince’s Trust’s Get Started programme and supported by Youth Music.

Featuring young artists: Arry Moss, AH, Cash ARB, Conrad James, J. Marden, Lesser Compact, Abraham, Mathew, Radu

Supported by ITT Musicians: Charles Stuart, Emma Williams, Tom Wright-Goss

CD artwork by Keir Cooper

Making radio

The Undisputed – album and video

We’re proud to present the album ‘Journey’ – created by a group of young people from East London who formed band ‘The Undisputed’ on Making Tracks this summer. The project was run in partnership with The Prince’s Trust Get Started.

As well as producing the original music, they created their own radio shows, ‘Jazzy K’ and ‘SKJK’, which are included at the end of the playlist.

They also worked with Mediorite to create this vibrant video for their track ‘Melodic in the Mist’ – featuring Jahanzeb, Kye and Jazz, edited by Jahanzeb.


New release day! Making Tracks in Newham

Drum roll please… the latest album made by young people in Newham on the Making Tracks programme is ready for your listening pleasure!!

For this project there were two groups, which formed the bands ‘Golden Jets’ and ‘Drillers’.

As well as creating, performing & recording original tracks, each group produced their own radio shows, which are included on the playlist below.

This project was supported by National Foundation for Youth Music, Charles Haywood Foundation and Newham YOT.