Making Tracks project Day 3

The ‪‎MakingTracks band have created 4 cracking tracks to perform in the gig tomorrow (7pm, St Marks church, Kennington – opposite Oval tube station). Our Personal Development Manager Hermione caught up with Edward this morning to ponder the importance of music!

H: Why is music important to you?

“Music is important to me in my life because it’s entertainment. It is something that I can listen to when I’m bored or feeling sad or just feeling horrible. I can just listen to music to help me feel better. So, I think music is very important in our lives because it just helps us feel better.”

H: What’s it like being part of a band?

“Well, it’s actually different because you have to put in a lot of work and you have to stay focused because you’re the one setting up goals and trying to accomplish it. You’re actually doing your own creative work. It’s satisfying. It’s something you can be proud of.”

H: Why should people come to the gig tomorrow?

“I think it’s something new to see and it’s just an experience that they can look up to and just admire.”


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