Making Tracks at Pop Brixton, Helen and TruStar

Making Tracks gig tomorrow; mentor’s blog

Making Tracks gig poster 21.01.16It takes real guts to sing in front of people. This week, former participant Helen is returning to MakingTracks as a mentor, helping a new, nervous cohort of young people as they prepare for the gig tomorrow (St Marks, opposite Oval station, 7pm).

As she explains, it’s a big deal for the young people even to turn up for the sessions, let alone to sing in front of each other, or to an audience!

“We all face challenges and trials in our life. Sometimes I forget just how scary it was performing for the first time in front of people. I’ve been working with a young person who has extremely low confidence, and I’m suddenly reminded of the first time I ever sang in front of someone. I used to be so scared of it, I never told people I liked music.

“He really wants to perform in a track, but is struggling to rehearse in front of the band. I really feel for him because I can see how much he wants to, but can’t right now.

“If you come and watch the gig on Thursday, please be mindful that some of the biggest challenges the young people are facing this week aren’t just the gig. For some people, they struggled to turn up to sessions, and even perform in front of the band. It’s a really daunting experience, but I can already see confidence levels improving, people stepping out and pushing themselves. They are all really trying and focused and I can’t wait for the gig!” Helen, Making Tracks mentor

Join us to support and celebrate the young people on Thursday 21st January 2016 at St Marks, Kennington (opposite Oval station) at 7pm.

Listen the the album created on the previous Making Tracks project below:

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