Young Producers blog: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

Young Producers is a new project for young people who have taken part in Making Tracks, supported by the Arts Patron Trust. Our first 2 Young Producers Helen and Johnny are collaborating to put on a gig involving other young people and will be blogging about the process.

haunt_yp-venueHelen’s blog #2:

Today was day 3 of our Young Producer’s project

We met up in Dalston, and headed to the venue of our event, Haunt London. It was a really cool venue, and Alex, the owner, showed us the basement, where we would be holding our event, which looked amazing.

We then had a chat with Alex, who was very helpful, giving us templates of documents we should make, as producers, and also giving us some tips.

He also told us a bit about himself, which was very inspiring, and useful, and we had an opportunity to ask him any questions we had.

We then went to NTS Radio, which was amazing. We met Femi, the founder, and Tabitha, who works for NTS.

We sat down with Tabitha, and she told us about the origins of NTS, and about hersradio-visit-2elf, and how she started her career. This was, again, very inspiring. It was very clear they loved what they were doing, and that was such a lovely thing to see.

I can’t begin to thank ITT and their supporters for giving me this opportunity to meet such amazing and inspirational people.

We then sat down, finished off the flyer and the first Mail-Chimp; stay tuned to see the finished products!

Find the event on Facebook here:

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