Roundhouse Rising

Young Producers Blog: Roundhouse Rising Soundclash!

Young Producers is a new project for young people who have taken part in Making Tracks, supported by the Arts Patron Trust.

Johnny’s blog #2

Starting the week in the office on a Friday afternoon was surprisingly refreshing. The lovely Lauren supporting me with the tasks in hand is always a blessing. A change of scenery is appreciated as we sat in the communal hub of the building to have a meeting and write the artist call out for the gig.

I then went on to write my first blog entry, which was a great first experience. Writing a piece to express my experience on this journey as an ITT Young Producer, really helped to show what I have achieved and so others can have an insight into the process as well.

Pedro and Johnny at RoundhouseJourney time next, as we set off for our day out to the Roundhouse. On arrival we just about found Pedro through the crowd thanks to his thorough description of his reinvented self. It was a pleasant surprise to see a familiar fellow musician who had been involved in previous creative projects with us (small world).

We passed the surprisingly orderly queue of punks, who were awaiting entry to their mosh-pit gig at the upstairs space of the building.

Once inside we had a warm welcome from Marie who is employed there as a producer. She gave us an extensive behind the scenes tour of the venue from a producer’s point of view.

We went on to immerse ourselves in the Roundhouse Rising Soundclash, which Lauren had impressively bagged us some free tickets for, thanks to her trusty industry contacts of course.

It was a really great event as I had never been to a Soundclash at this venue and I even saw some people I knew from other musical projects performing, which was highly inspirational on a personal level.

Interesting picture of crowd at RoundhouseWe took some interesting pictures of the artists and crowd, as each sound clash group had their own theme to their act, to be crowned the winner by shout outs from the audience. The music was amazing, such a range of genres and some real talent there. I really liked the fact that the artists joined the crowd after their performances.

All In all it was an eye opening day as I would describe it as one of the best working days I have had due to the venue, people we met and atmosphere at the event.

Love to the ITT!

Don’t miss the Young Producers gig ‘Artistry Breakthrough’ on Thurs 2nd March!



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