Young Producers: Müqzz blog 2

Young Producers is a new project for young people who have taken part in Making Tracks, supported by the Arts Patron Trust. Our Young Producers Müqzz and Pedro are collaborating to put on a gig involving other young people and will be blogging about the process.

On our second day at Young Producers we decided the name of our show which is Sesh ‘n’ Sauce. We then visited the two possible venues for the show which were Fox & Firkin and DIY Space.

I really liked the atmosphere of Fox & Firkin (Lewisham), quite quirky and contemporary. However the train station was quite far from the venue which could be a problem for people coming to the venue. It was set in a pub which means it is an open place, so anyone can come in and join. Also this means we won’t have to do a lot promoting.

The next venue was DIY Space for London (Peckham). The train station was quite far away from the venue. I liked the performance area – it was like a rave type feel. With this place we would have to do a lot of promoting to ensure we have a crowd unlike the other place this venue is a closed place.

In conclusion, I would go for Fox & Firkin. I like the vibe it was giving. There’s a pub so people can buy drinks, food, sit comfortably and enjoy the gig.

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