Young Producers is back! Don’t miss ‘Spirit of Utopia’ performance on 21st November

We’re delighted to introduce our 3 new Young Producers: Lucine, Jahanzeb and Montell. For the last few weeks they have been working together to decide on their induvial roles and the theme for their gig, which will feature other young people who, like them, have previously taken part on Making Tracks.

Lucine is taking the lead on Operations, Jahanzeb will be masterminding Communications and Montell will be the Artistic Director. Together they agreed on the theme of ‘utopia’ for the performance and decided on the title Spirit of Utopia.

Join us on Thursday 21st November at The Old Church, Stoke Newington, London:

Spirit of Utopia

Spirit of Utopia is a free event, but please book as space in the venue is limited – register here.

The Old Church is one of the most interesting arts venues in London – the capital’s only surviving Elizabethan church!

The Young Producers visited the space earlier in the week so they could begin to plan how to decorate it and stage the performance. They have some great ideas to make it special and bring the theme of Utopia alive.

Montell’s reflection: 

“I feel that today was really good because we got to see one of the oldest standing churches in England and got to see the cool and exciting design and building.  We also had a nice talk about classical music with the Southbank Centre. Plus, at the church I got to play the organ.”  

Lucine’s reflection:

“After visiting the venue we had more scope to work with!  I felt I was better able to chair our discussion, keep things on track and listen to everyone’s ideas. We seem to have a finalised concept and contingency.  I feel more prepared and ready to begin putting things together.  The venue manager was super helpful, he answered all our questions well and offered some great décor.” 

Jahanzeb’s reflection (audio clip below): 


Young Producers is supported by The London Community Foundation ‘ESDF Saving London Lives’

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