ITT 25th Birthday Show still

Making Tracks artists feature on 25th Birthday Show

We’re very proud to present our 25th Birthday Show, which streamed live on Youtube Premiere on 25/11/20, marking the very day ITT officially came into being 25 years ago. Featuring stunning performances from musicians we first met on our programmes, who also speak movingly about the impact working with us has had for them. There might be something in our eye…

This all started from Artistic Director Sara’s living room as she worked out how to set up the first Music in Prisons projects – Covid-19 meant that rather than putting on the big live show we’d hoped to, instead we brought the celebrations direct to your living room!

Since those early days we’ve expanded our work into the community to also support former prisoners (Sounding Out) and young people via Making Tracks; we’ve collaborated with wonderful organisations including the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Clean Break, Synergy, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, to name but a few; we’ve won awards including the British Composers’ Award, Royal Society of Public Health Arts & Health Award, and in October 2020 we were shortlisted for a Royal Philharmonic Society ‘Impact’ Award for the Lullaby Project.

Most importantly, we’ve made original music with thousands of people who wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity, bringing joy, inspiration and increased aspiration as a result. They have gone on to incredible things, including performing at prestigious venues and learning facilitation skills from our project team musicians which have allowed them to share their passion for music.

The film features two former Making Tracks artists being interviewed and performing – press play below to see each of their sections:



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