An Interview with Young Producers Helen and Johnny

For the last few weeks, our Young Producers have been planning and rehearsing for their event ‘Artistry Breakthrough’. I caught up with Helen and Johnny at rehearsals the day before the final performance tomorrow at Haunt which will be the culmination of all their hard work. 

Tell me about the name Artistry Breakthrough

H: The ‘Breakthrough’ part is about the daily struggle but also the struggle for everyone, everyone breaks through a barrier every day, at least one.

Has rehearsing the music here been a breakthrough for you?

H: Yeah definitely


What’s your favourite track you’re performing tomorrow?

H: I love Everybody Loves Music, it’s just a really great song and everyone has worked together on it which, like the other songs have been someone else’s idea and then it’s been brought to everyone but this one is totally fresh- so thanks Johnny for starting off the process.

What else are you looking forward to tomorrow?

H: I’m really excited to hear the other artists- I haven’t heard all their tracks yet so it’s going to be a real surprise on the night

J: Yeah I’m looking forward to that definitely, because I know they make good music and I know they’re gonna do well.

Most important skills you’ve learned throughout?

dsc00701H: The most important skill I’ve learnt is just to trust myself and be confident that I can do things

J: That’s a good one yeah, I would agree with that. And meeting people that work in venues or own their own and listening to them because they’ve got a lot of knowledge that you can apply to whatever you’re doing. So that’s something good to bear in mind wherever you are, that there’s always people around that can support you when you’re doing events.

Any advice for future Young Producers?

dsc00780H: Don’t overthink it, enjoy it while it lasts! I know I overthought it sometimes and stopped enjoying it but like it’s such an amazing opportunity

J: Get involved in any kind of opportunities and support people can offer you to help with the process. Even if you’re doing your own thing, just build up contacts so you can use them helping you, because with events it can cover so many different aspects, so as long as you have a concept you feel strongly about I don’t see why there’s any reason why it shouldn’t be a successful event.

From what I’ve seen in rehearsal today, tomorrow certainly looks set to be a successful event!


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