Ola’s Blog #2

Young Producers is a new project for young people who have taken part in Making Tracks, supported by the Arts Patron Trust. Our second 2 Young Producers are collaborating to put on a gig involving other young people and will be blogging about the process.

It was straight to business on day 2 of our project. Lauren presented us with a draft of our flyer it looked really good (shout out to Luke) but we decided to tweak the colour scheme to make it fit better with our theme for the event. We swapped the background colour which was a kind of orangey-red to sky blue and we made some adjustments to the images.

image1 (002) (002)The afternoon session was the best part of the day, we met with Alex, co-founder of LeeFest (now Neverland) – a summertime music festival/theme park. He had a lot of knowledge to share and he gave us some great advice. You could feel the knowledge pouring out of him that it was hard to keep up!

Alex gave us a lot of tips on how to make sure that our event was successful. He summed it up into five points which was basically:

  • Book the talent
  • Budget
  • Book the venue
  • Marketing/Advance information
  • Share/Check venue space

All of these points have several sub points which are too long to share in this blog but you get the point. Alex runs a small music venue now with a capacity of 100. Although some of the information he gave us wouldn’t necessarily apply to our event because ours is not for profit, it was helpful to learn about what it takes and the challenges involved in running a successful music venue.

For the next session, we are planning to shoot some video vines/pictures as part of promoting our event on social media. We will also be visiting the Southbank Centre to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra so keep your eyes peeled!

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